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Key Inspirations is an international publication of Inspire! Imagine! Innovate! which highlights the contributions of creative professionals who enhance performance, leverage creative potential and expand the practice of emotionally-intelligent leadership for corporations, organizations and professional associations.

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September 2009

New Beginnings, New Opportunities

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February 2009

Resiliency in Challenging Times

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November 2008

What is the Essence of Leadership?

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September 2008

Leading and Living Wellness

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July 2008

PianoOne LLC Rebrands to Inspire! Imagine! Innovate!

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September 2007

Reach & Influence of Audience is the ROI of Effective Leadership in the 21st Century.

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August 2007

Leaders and Performing Artists Provoke Thought & Evoke Emotion.

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July 2007

Effective leadership demands a combination of creativity and innovation.

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May 2007

Leadership is an art requiring an artist’s mindset.

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April 2007

Employees, customers, and profits thrive on Emotional Engagement.

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March 2007

Leaders inspire people. People motivate themselves.

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January 2007

Inspired leadership will decide who wins in the conceptual economy

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November 2006

Creativity is a strategy that drives business performance

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September 2006:

Leadership demands the ability to inspire

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July 2006:

Emotional Intelligence is the international language of leadership

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May 2006:

Shape a workplace where creativity flourishes

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March 2006:

Creative leadership is the work of artists


February 2006:

Art has intrinsic value for business leaders


October 2005:

The future belongs to the creative mind


August 2005:

Think outside the classroom


May 2005:

Artistry is a business imperative


January/February 2005:

Leadership requires practice


December 2004:

To make a point with impact, don't tell. Show!


October 2004:

Leaders inspire people


May 2004:

Creativity inspires leadership, leadership inspires creativity


March 2004:

Learning takes place when you are open to learn


December 2003:

Artistry of Leadership featured in Banff Centre Leadership Compass


November 2003:

Kevin Asbjornson, MIM nominated to Fast Company-2004 Top 50!


October 2003:

Banff Centre Recognizes Kevin Asbjornson, MIM as Performing Artist in Residence


August 2003:

Leaders Inspire People; People Motivate Themselves