According to a recent London Business School report, 2020 – 2030: The Decade of the Acuity Leader, the 2020s will be dominated by peer-to-peer online platforms, overwhelming analytics and fake news. Trust and belief in ‘expert authority’ is at a historic low.

Navigating this age as a business leader will require the development of acuity: a concept that calls for greater attentiveness in how leaders perceive, interpret and describe the world to others. The acuity leader will be seen as accessible and actively engaged in different internal and external forums, well-read and connected and comfortable with diversity and dissension.

“We are operating in a global experience and performance-based economy which requires employees, managers and leaders to enhance  their level of readiness and preparedness for higher and expanded levels of competency within three primary domains of proficiency and agility —personality, perseverance, and perspective,” said Kevin Asbjörnson, Managing Director and Global Executive Coach for Inspire Imagine Innovate Pte. Ltd.

The ability to synthesize—not just analyze—data, information, trends and patterns is the new insight of future talent and future leaders. To effectively respond to these shifts, the Alliance has developed a unique, global perspective on fortifying the talents, gifts, and skills of future talent and future leaders—facilitated by Future Talent Future Leader 4.0 – A Human-Centric Model Preparing People for the Future of Work™. 

A Path to the Future
Effective leadership in the next decade will indeed require a leader possessing ‘the voice of reason’ more than ever before—and the skills to cut straight through the noise and lead their teams to the core truth. This is where The Future Talent/Future Leader 4.0 Model ™ becomes a truly invaluable resource—preparing employees, managers, and leaders to enhance their levels of readiness for higher and expanded levels of competency. The result? Equipped with the skills built through Future Talent/Future Leader 4.0 and illuminating their knowledge of their unique personalities, perspectives, and perseverance capabilities—individuals and managers set themselves, and their teams, on a clear path to the future.

The foundation of the Future Talent/Future Leader 4.0 Model lies within the evidence-based people solutions offered through our collaboration with Peter Berry Consultancy (PBC).  Inspire Imagine Innovate Pte Ltd., an international alliance of professional educators, global executive coaches, and master facilitators and PBC, a leading provider of human capital consulting services and the Australian distributor of Hogan Assessments, inspire personal transformation and develop innovative leadership in individuals, teams and organizations, through evidence-based diagnostics/feedback and global coaching methods.

As evidenced in a recent ManpowerGroup article entitled “Workers Want Personalization — People Strategy Must be Both a Science and an Art” (Closing the Skills Gap: What Workers Want report), in an increasingly data-driven world, workers want assignments that test their abilities, projects that demand the best from them, and recommendations on the next role. They want insight and advice on fit today and potential tomorrow.

This is where the assessment comes in—critical for understanding human potential. It allows employers to better match and motivate people while helping individuals to get to know even more about themselves.

“Science-based assessments are the most accurate and reliable tool for placing the right person in the right job. As well as testing technical skills, assessments measure human strengths that are critical predictors of success such as how rewarding someone is to deal with, their ability to do the job, and their willingness to work hard. That’s the science part,” said Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Chief Talent Scientist of the ManpowerGroup.

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