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Inspire Imagine Innovate is highly active with community service in Singapore and throughout ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations), in the service and development of Aspiring Young Asians. Our Founder, Kevin Asbjörnson, has coached, facilitated and mentored hundreds of Aspiring Young Asians since moving from Denver, Colorado U.S.A., to Singapore, in August of 2010.

In preparation and readiness for Industry 4.0, Asbjörnson noticed that a consistent voice and services were missing in ASEAN and Asia-Pacific, related to the awareness of Aspiring Young Asians for Future Talent/Future Leader 4.0, which impacts every youth and working adult in ASEAN and the world and focuses on upskilling and transforming workers.

Inspire Imagine Innovate provides professional coaching, career mentoring and development services at a significant reduction of our professional service fees and often provides the services, pro-bono, to the appropriate candidates. Our focus on the development and acceleration of Aspiring Young Asians is based upon a global benchmark of the Future Talent/Future Leader 4.0 (3Ps) model; the foundation of this model is Comprehensive Learning Agility (CLA), an assessment not currently found in the curriculum of many schools or leadership initiatives but is benchmarked against a global normative database, reinforcing the global competitiveness of talent worldwide, today.

Chan Chun Sing, a Singaporean politician and member of the country’s governing People’s Action Party who currently serves as the Minister for Trade and Industry and the Minister-in-Charge of the Public Service, articulated in July, 2019 the relevance of our Aspiring Young Asians initiative: ‘Singaporeans must work with global talent, in order to help Singapore, stay competitive.’