Music for Health, Mindfulness and Well-being

Kevin’s easy listening music has a wonderfully calming effect on adults as well as children, and evokes your emotions with a soothing reassurance. Let Kevin’s music help you reestablish centeredness and transport you to a place of inner well-being; use Kevin’s music daily to find serenity in the midst of a culture of noise, hurriedness, and continuous partial attention.

Pianist, Composer and International Recording Artist

Kevin is the founder and principal recording artist of PianoOne LLC, an international record label and publisher. He has recorded three CDs of original contemporary piano solos: Collage, Inner Voices, and Awakenings. His recordings are also part of the Acoustitherapy Collection of CD compilations offering a variety of soothing, inspiring, and evocative melodies and featuring acoustic instruments of piano, harp, guitar, flute, and cello.

Kevin has composed, produced and performed original compositions for special events and multimedia projects with clients such as Miss Teen U.S.A.® , PBS, The Business & Technology Network, U.S.A. Olympic Training Center, Denver Botanic Gardens, Broadmoor Resort & Spa™, Habitat for Humanity International, Colorado Boys Ranch, Cordillera Lodge & Spa and the Center for Creative Leadership® .

Kevin is an advocate of Contemporary Piano as a unique classification and style of music. The increasing popularity and wide market appeal of this music includes a strong crossover with listeners of New Age, Smooth Jazz, Light Classical, Soft Rock, Adult Contemporary and Easy Listening music.

Kevin’s Musical Roots

Kevin began classical piano lessons at the age of five and he participated annually in the National Music Association Piano Auditions through the age of sixteen. He studied classical piano with Ruth Dreamer, a graduate of the Julliard School of Music in New York City. In high school, Kevin was an active vocalist and instrumentalist in a variety of music groups and recorded two albums with the Lincoln East High School Choir and Jazz Band. In Wiesbaden, Germany, Kevin was a member of The Notables – a cabaret vocal and dance group that entertained a variety of German and American audiences.

Why Music Matters in the Education and Development of Children and Adolescents

To understand the research and relevance of music in the education and development of children and adolescents please visit the NAMM Foundation

Benefits of Learning and Playing Music for Adults

To understand the research and benefits of learning and playing music for working professionals, adults in retirement and the impact of creativity on adult well-being and the aging process, please visit the NAMM Foundation


Collage This CD is one of Kevin’s most popular CDs due to its integration into the internationally acclaimed keynote event, The Artistry of Leadership-Creating Meaningful Connections®. The original piano solos of Collage remind managers and leaders that ‘Leaders Inspire People; People Motivate Themselves.’ This CD also includes theme songs composed and dedicated to Habitat for Humanity and Colorado Boys Ranch.

Inner Voices This CD includes one of Kevin’s most downloaded piano solos, Alexandra’s Song, which was composed in honor of his niece, Alexandra McCashland. The mosaic of original piano solos on Inner Voices includes a piano and vocal composition, I’ll Love You From the Heart, featuring Kevin’s sister and lyric soprano, Beth Asbjörnson, and a tribute entitled Blessed, dedicated to Kevin’s grandmother and first piano teacher, Pearl Asbjörnson.

Awakenings Many of the piano solos reflect the beauty of Colorado, where Kevin spent the first five years of his life and to which he returned to establish the PianoOne record label and record his CDs in Evergreen, Colorado.

ACOUSTITHERAPY Kevin Asbjörnson is one of a variety of acoustic instrumental artists featured in the portfolio of Acoustitherapy CDs, produced to reinforce health, healing, relaxation and well-being. To listen to Acoustitherapy, visit Apple Music, Spotify or Pandora.

Music Composition and Production Services

PianoOne LLC. creates and produces contemporary piano and acoustic instrumental music for a variety of commercial applications including special events, CD-ROM, laptop multimedia, computer-based training, video, film, television and Internet. Our commercial music design process includes the up-front preparation of a communications strategy worksheet for review and approval of our commercial clients.

To connect with Kevin Asbjornson via email, please contact Kevin Asbjörnson.

We are glad to provide samples of our music or voice-overs on digital audiotape to advertising and marketing communications firms, sound production studios and other prospective clients, upon request.