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Leaders Inspire People; People Motivate Themselves
Are you or your people motivated to reach your highest business aspirations? Kevin Asbjörnson, Founder and Managing Director of Inspire Imagine Innovate, is the creator of this guiding principle. Asbjörnson’s thought leadership illuminates the understanding that each person’s motivation is to achieve transformation on a meaningful and personalized level throughout their career and life—against the evolving landscape of our 21st century.

Kevin is a certified Executive and Organizational Coach, accredited by The Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL); an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)  with the International Coach Federation (ICF).


An International Telly Award winner and international portfolio career professional and global executive coach, composer, performing artist, and leadership and talent advisor, Kevin’s skills and experience are uniquely mapped to enhance the leadership, performance, and productivity of individuals, workgroups, and teams. Kevin and his colleagues design learning and development programs designed to reveal his clients’ Comprehensive Learning Agility (CLA); the foundation of this approach is the Future Talent / Future Leader 4.0 (3Ps) Model, which assesses three primary domains of proficiency and agility to characterize future talent and future leaders, independent of age, country of origin, generation, functional expertise and education: Personality, Perspective, and Perseverance.

Kevin delivers executive coaching for performance, potential, and well-being — practicing a ‘whole person,’ inside-out/outside-in approach which integrates all dimensions of his clients’ personalities, strengths, potential blind spots, and areas for development. A true constructive innovator in his industry, Kevin uses an inquiry-based approach with his clients to ensure connect the appropriate context and feedback to the coaching engagement and achieve tangible, results-oriented outcomes within realistic timeframes.

Kevin offers a unique ‘Artistry of Leadership’ development experience, which is delivered either in a live, experiential setting or via online learning modules; this training is designed to achieve leadership breakthroughs which spark unprecedented creativity, teamwork, and employee engagement. Step inside our video to experience and explore the Artistry of Leadership and Eight Keys to Inspired Leadership®.

Kevin serves as Adjunct Faculty and Global Executive Coach with the Dominican University of California-Institute of Leadership Studies in San Rafael, California.

Kevin is also the Founding Member of the Asia-Pacific and European Alliance of Leadership Facilitators and Global Executive Coaches which delivers a unique, global perspective on future talent and future leaders through its affiliates in Denver, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Bangkok, Singapore, and Sydney.

Kevin Asbjörnson serves as a global executive coach and leadership advisor, with the Johnson & Johnson – International Recruitment & Development Program (IRDP) – Ranked #1 in the 2022-Top Development Programs-Internships

Kevin has consistently displayed the highest standards in three crucial areas: professionalism in the service of clients, expertise in talent and leadership development, and commitment to constantly improving his capacity as a thought leader and partner to businesses.

Sriven Naidu – Executive in Residence
IMD School of Business (South-East Asia), Singapore

‘My ultimate mission in life (my true story) is to inspire the innate creativity and instrinsic motivation in others, enabling them to discover and define their personal centeredness (purpose), maintain their well-being (physical, emotional, and mental), and achieve their highest aspirations through transformative change.’

– Kevin Asbjörnson, Inspire Imagine Innovate Founder

Kevin’s international clients include