The Institute of Inspired Leadership™ is a global organization dedicated to the development and advancement of Inspired Leadership as a distinct mindset, practice, and discipline within the field of leadership development.

According to Kevin Asbjörnson, Founder & Global Leadership Advisor of The Institute of Inspired Leadership™: “Our world and global economy is in dire need of a leadership renaissance to address the multidimensional and interconnected realities of the 21st century. Inspired Leadership recognizes the eminent need for a human-centric model of engaging and preparing managers, leaders, and contributors for our new world of life and work — a model which embraces our delicate co-existence as responsible, accountable, and mutually respectful global citizens and fortifies our abilities to work together for the advancement of all.”

The centerpiece of The Institute of Inspired Leadership™ is Future Talent/Future Leader 4.0; A Human-Centric Model Preparing People for the New World of Work.


According to the recent Corporate Research Forum (CRF) report, Making a Paradigm Shift in Leadership Development, Inspired Leadership and Employee Engagement is one of the top five (5) tools required of managers and leaders in our new world of work.

Want to Achieve Inspired Leadership? Look to the Future Talent/Future Leader 4.0 – A Human Centric Model Preparing People for the New World of Work.

The first step and foundation in developing your customized journey towards inspired leadership begins with a read of our complimentary article, The Eight Keys to Inspired Leadership®.

To view a short online film of Kevin Asbjörnson presenting an overview of the Eight Keys to Inspired Leadership™ please click here.

The next step of your personalized journey is to engage in a conversation with us and request a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

The Institute of Inspired Leadership™ encourages current and future leaders to Reset, Reframe, and Recalibrate their mindset through a customized, interactive leadership development experience which includes gold standard assessments facilitated by global executive coaches, master facilitators, and trusted leadership advisors affiliated with The Institute of Inspired Leadership™.

We are striving to become the predominant leadership development initiative for today’s global workplace and welcome you to join us!

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