A significant shift in global population occurred this calendar year of 2023; the updated top five (5) global regions of population are as follows:

  1. India
  2. China
  3. European Union
  4. Africa
  5. United States of America

In addition to this shift in global regions of populations, numerous countries are experiencing the accelerated aging of their current population and the challenges associated with multiple generations in their workforces.

In their 2023 Retaining Talent At All Ages Report, The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) informs us that: “The deep and rapid changes in the world of work driven by the digital and green transformations as well as population aging have been associated with greater job instability, with potential costs for companies, workers, and society. With more people working for longer, and in the context of current unprecedented labor and skill shortages, there is a pressing need to ensure that the talents and skills of a multi-generational workforce are put to best use, including through greater worker retention.”

These substantial shifts have a profound impact on supply chains, location of manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, geopolitical alignments and collaboration, and the readiness and well-being of the global workforce.

“We are now operating in a global experience and performance-based economy which requires employees, managers, and leaders to enhance their level of readiness and preparedness and expand their levels of proficiencies within three primary domains of expertise —personality, perseverance, and perspective,” said Kevin Asbjörnson, MIM-Founder & Managing Director of the Institute of Inspired Leadership™.

The interconnectedness of our world has accelerated at such a dynamic pace that many countries are taking a step back and re-examining the preparedness of their schools, adult learning, on-the job training, management, and leadership development programs.

According to Asbjörnson, a significant vulnerability being observed and experienced by citizens throughout the world is the inconsistent caliber and level of leadership effectiveness in their governments, corporations, organizations, healthcare, and academic institutions.

In collaboration with the IMD School of Business and RHR International, The Corporate  Research Forum has examined and made research-based recommendations for change, in their 2023 Report – Making a Paradigm Shift in Leadership Development.

“Our world and global economies are in dire need of a leadership renaissance to address the multidimensional and interconnected realities of the 21st century,” adds Asbjörnson.

According to Jill Farrand, Vice President of Communications with the Institute of Inspired Leadership™: “Inspired leadership recognizes the eminent need for a human-centric model of engaging and preparing students, managers, leaders, and contributors for our new world of life and work — a model which embraces our delicate co-existence as responsible, accountable, and mutually respectful global citizens and fortifies our abilities to work together for the advancement of all.”

Every person is capable of developing their personal, unique  brand of inspired leadership and the newly-launched Institute of Inspired Leadership™ provides the research-based framework, assessments, and global coaching to assist our clients—individually or collectively—to construct a customized journey toward inspired leadership.

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