The Need: An Updated, Global Career Perspective

Our world population shifted significantly in 2023 with India becoming the largest population, China the 2nd largest population, Africa the 3rd largest population, the European Union the 4th largest population, and the U.S.A. the 5th largest population in the world. This is impacting and increasing the demand for global supply chains, global talent, and global management/leadership. Geopolitical alliances are also shifting, realigning, and reconsidering their historical priorities.

An updated, global career perspective is now required of employees, workers, managers, and leaders–regardless of their physical location; additionally, international assignments may or may not require relocation to another country.

Rising to the Challenge

Developing a global career perspective and/or readiness for an international assignment requires the diligent selection, development, and preparation of employees, managers, and leaders.

Kevin Asbjörnson, MIM, is exceptionally experienced with global careers and international relocations and has traveled, worked, studied, and lived abroad for thirty (30) years. He has successfully navigated assignments in Amsterdam, Holland, Frankfurt, Germany, Saigon, Vietnam, and Singapore and his international client base resides in 66 distinct countries.

Kevin integrates his international experience as a global executive coach, trusted leadership advisor, and talent and leadership development professional into his client engagements and is recognized by his clients for his high-impact, customized talent and leadership development engagements. You can read his client’s Statements of Impact.

There are ten (10) personal attributes which influence your readiness for a global career, international assignment and /or relocation:

  1. Change Tolerance
  2. Initiative
  3. Respect for Beliefs
  4. Patience
  5. Risk Taking
  6. Sociability
  7. Openness
  8. Global Sensitivity
  9. Travel Expectations
  10. Travel Flexibility

There are two (2) insightful self-assessments within your Global Career or International Assignment Readiness Engagement with Inspire Imagine Innovate.

  1. The Global Assessment Inventory (GAI) which produces a seventeen (17) page report and development guide, which benchmarks your ten (10) personal attributes, against a global normative database of managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs and identifies areas of strengths and areas of development related to your global career and/or international assignment readiness.
  2. The Hogan Leadership Forecast Series-Personality Assessment (LFS) , which produces five (5) reports with seventy-six (76) pages of practical insights and personalized development recommendations, which benchmarks your unique personality, against a global normative database of managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. This is the international gold standard of five-factor personality assessments which provides insight into how one’s unique personality, reinforces or hinders one’s international assignment readiness and effectiveness working in or with different cultures.

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Investment Summary – $2,500.00 includes all costs associated with the two (2) self-assessments and five (5) hours of assessment debriefing and executive coaching.