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Coaching for Performance, Potential, and Well-BeingTM is an integrative approach to coaching, facilitating, and accelerating learning that incorporates both individual and team/workgroup coaching. Our personal & professional growth coaching (holistic coaching) is for everyone in the global workforce — including entrepreneurs — not only managers and leaders.

An Articulated Framework to Support Your Career Strategy

The true differentiator of Inspire Imagine Innovate is our ability to develop a complete, methodical framework around our clients’ individualized strategies for success – helping clients to not only understand the next steps for the situation at hand, but providing the necessary detail so that they may promptly and confidently begin executing their customized transition/transformation plan. We accomplish this through the advanced practice of “conversational dialogue”.

Our results speak for themselves…

“Kevin demonstrated a wealth of knowledge related to how to handle my unique circumstances. The critical success factor that really created a meaningful interaction occurred post-session; Kevin sent a powerfully well-executed email summary with an articulated framework for my strategy.”

–  Executive Director, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Clinic – California, U.S.A.

Inspire Imagine Innovate executive coaches are ‘systemic’ coaches; according to Paul Lawrence and Allen Moore, authors of Coaching in Three Dimensions, systemic coaches take a view of the functioning of the organization as whole, defined by the patterns of dialogue that take place within and across its boundaries.  The Global Executive Coaches and leadership facilitators of Inspire Imagine Innovate are a select group of international professionals who practice Coaching for Performance, Potential and Well-Being™ — a holistic approach to coaching which is founded upon and integrates the four universal sciences and principles of coaching, adult development, personality, and positive psychology.

We define Global Career Transformation Coaching as the intentional process of revisiting internal drivers, key values, intrinsic motivation, leadership identity/reputation, work experience, unconscious biases and personal definitions of success, which enables a positive outcome through the revision of one’s purpose, career path, and next steps. 

The intended outcome is to optimally engage the potential, develop the talent, and focus the performance of an individual against a future-forward timeline.

Our clients of Global Career Transformation Coaching range in age of from  20’s to 60’s, and beyond — and we customize each engagement and selection of assessments, to the age, experience, education, and background of each individual client. [Note: Career Transformation Coaching is not to be confused with life coaching, career outplacement and transition services, career counseling or occupational therapy.]

Global Career Transformation Coaching is an advanced interdisciplinary practice within the international field of positive psychology, talent, management, and leadership coaching, requiring practitioners to have a multidisciplinary suite of experience which includes:

  • Talent, Management and Leadership Development
  • Positive Psychology and Incorporation of the Seven Principles of Deliberate Practice
  • In-Depth Knowledge and Application of Future Talent/Future Leader 4.0 – A Human Centric Model Preparing People for the Future of Work
  • Comprehensive Understanding of the Changing Nature of Global Economies and Skills Required for the Decade of 2020 – 2030
  • Advanced Individual, Team and Organization Coaching
  • Administration and Facilitation of Validated, Reliable Assessments of Individual Potential, Personality, Leadership, Individual Motivations and Values

Review our Client Statements of Impact here.

We look forward to serving as your learning partner throughout your Global Career Transformation Coaching engagement.

Kevin is a certified Executive and Organizational Coach, accredited by The Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL); an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)  with the International Coach Federation (ICF).


By uncovering the answers to questions such as — What is Your Purpose? What is Your Identity/Reputation? What is Your Leadership Style? — this highly differentiated approach to coaching and facilitation results in our clients achieving their desired outcomes with respect to coaching and facilitation services.

Possessing an in-depth understanding of their unique strengths and talents, our clients are able to make an immediate, meaningful difference in their ability to engage their potential, develop their talent, and focus their performance in their areas of work.

The Competencies of Great Leaders is the foundation of our global executive coaching engagements. To read the White Paper on The Competencies of Great Leaders, which includes insights from global business thought leaders including Dr. Peter Berry, Dr. Robert Hogan, Daniel Goleman, Peter Drucker, Jim Collins and John Kotter, click here.

Our global executive coaches Our global executive coaches reside in Denver, Colorado, Singapore, Sydney, Beijing, Frankfurt, London and speak the English, Mandarin, German, Spanish and French languages.

Client Statements of Impact

The Global Executive Coaching engagement with Kevin Asbjörnson helped me focus on various aspects of emotional intelligence including self-management(Self -Awareness & Self-Regulation) as a leader. The self-reflection and application of these aspects has helped me through the journey of becoming a much more empathetic and authentic leader “

Country Chief Executive & Chief Operating Officer
A Global Financial Services Company

Kevin’s approach to coaching brought me immediate benefits. In his initial evaluation, I received meaningful feedback about myself that I may not have wanted to hear but needed to hear. The stream of practical information and discussion in the following sessions continued to enlighten me. With Kevin’s words of wisdom I found myself thriving in the first 5 months of a new job with the added challenge of the current global pandemic. His constructive feedback was reaffirming of my potential and really helped strengthen my resolve to succeed in my new position. Thank you Coach!

Regional Director-Asia
A Global People Development Company

My engagement with Kevin started 6 years ago as part of an Executive Talent program at my company. After the initial assessment (Hogan based), I could clearly see that I needed guidance and coaching to develop my “best self” as I was getting the develop my self-awareness of my “derailers”.

Fast forward 1 year, I have received a promotion and transitioned from a small team local manager to a multi country, multi-product and multi-cultural leadership role, and one of my first actions was to reach out to Kevin and ask him to coach me through the transition.

It was one of my best decisions as it helped better tackle the new challenges in a constructive and methodical way as I was aware of the stress triggers and the success factors. Kevin is an excellent coach that I recommend to all my work and personal contacts who are going through a career transformation or simply want to be more on the driving seat of their own leadership and growth journey.”

Managing Director & Head of Transaction Banking, Southeast Asia
A Global Retail & Corporate Institutional Bank

Kevin’s career transformation approach provided great clarity and insights on the things I need to focus on to grow and develop further in my career. His expertise and guidance helped me to clarify my development challenges and gave me a clear and actionable roadmap to address them. Kevin’s coaching expertise is outstanding; his in-depth knowledge of assessment tools and his global perspective helped me recharge my career and redefine my leadership style.

Senior Director-Global Talent Management & Leadership Development
A Multinational Food Manufacturing Company
United States of America

People say when we really want something, the universe answers us. As an aspiring coach, Kevin was the most helpful voice I got from the universe. I was fortunate to be mentored by Kevin. With a calm and warm demeanor, Kevin is a mentor you feel you can trust. He has deep industry knowledge and coaching expertise and was very generous in sharing his insights on industry trends, theoretical frameworks, and resources for running a coaching practice, all of which were immensely helpful for me in finding direction and hitting the ground running. I also truly appreciate that Kevin took the time to understand me and acknowledge the values I could bring from my past experience into a coaching career. As a result, I felt much more reassured about my relevance to the industry after the session, which was very much needed.

Leadership and Executive Coach

A colleague in Singapore that knew me from Great Britain, connected me with Kevin Asbjörnson-Global Executive Coach, in Denver, Colorado, as I am now working in the United States.  The connection was very timely and extremely beneficial.

I knew instantly this would be of huge benefit as Kevin was practical, methodical and strategic in his analysis of the circumstances. The critical success factor that really created a meaningful interaction was that post session; Kevin sent a powerfully well executed email summary with articulated framework for my strategy. His email was excellent and allowed us to navigate a short term crisis situation collaboratively. 

Kevin provided an excellent command of cross cultural experiences. He demonstrated a wealth of knowledge related to how to handle my unique, unusual circumstances. His prior experience was evident and propelled me forward with the mitigation plan.  From the moment we first met, I instinctively knew the military precision of his assessment and logical considerations was to be taken seriously, as I trusted the level of tremendous competence that was evident.

Thank you for your time and dedication to coaching international healthcare executives. I look forward to working with you as I transition into a new role in my future.

Executive Director
Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Clinic
California, U.S.A.

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“Leadership and I believe self-leadership is the most important factor to be able to embrace the new world that is upon us. The universal is here. Your posts have sparked so many aspects about growth that I don’t know how to start. The experiment is about growth through curiosity, inspiration and authentic connection. It is changing the idea that we work for someone; we are working with each other for each other. Thank you; Inspire Imagine Innovate has made a deep impact already.”

— Lisbeth Schineller, Universal Hub of Co-Creation – Oslo, Norway

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