The events of our world have highlighted the shortsightedness, distrust, and failure of leadership.

Just one example is included in the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer Global Report: Navigating in a Polarized World which cites that 24 of 28 countries are at all-time lows in economic optimism and distrust of government—and institutional leaders continues to decline.

In another research report, ethics and honesty ratings of most professions are down in the U.S.A. according to the Gallup January 2024 Report.

According to , Kevin Asbjörnson, MIM, a global trusted advisor in the field of talent, management, and leadership development and Founder and Managing Director of The Institute of Inspired Leadership ™:  “Our world and global economies are in dire need of a leadership renaissance to address the multidimensional and interconnected realities of the 21st century.”

Inspired leadership recognizes the eminent need for a human-centric model of engaging and preparing managers, leaders, and contributors for our new world of life and work — a model which embraces our delicate co-existence as responsible, accountable, and mutually respectful global citizens and fortifies our abilities to work together for the advancement of all.

Addressing this global issue requires us to revisit how we collectively approach and define our expectations, engage with one another and our leaders—to ensure collaboration and accountability toward mutually beneficial outcomes. This begins by realizing that many of the current models of leadership are outdated, incomplete and lacking relevance to the realities of the 21st Century.

Inspired Leadership is a multidisciplinary and human centric model of leadership—represented below in our ‘3Ps Model’ Venn diagram:

Personality & Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i)


  • Global Mindset (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)
  • Coaching Mindset
  • Multidisciplinary Thinking

Perseverance & Resilience

  • Interdependent Collaboration
  • Synthesizer
  • Comprehensive Learning Agility

Recognizing that the 3Ps model is aspirational in nature, it is possible to assess where a person currently is proficient or less proficient within the 3Ps model through the online administration of the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series (LFS) Assessment and a debriefing session with one of our global executive coaches.  Kevin Asbjörnson is an advanced practitioner of Hogan Assessments with decades of experience as a global executive coach.

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